Saturday, February 28, 2009

Candy Apparel

Candy Apparel is up and running! This is my new business I am running with my business partner Britney. There is a link on this to our blog with our info if you are interested in anything, or just curious what I am up to. I am doing dance, fitness, and teamwear. We do team orders, and individual orders- drill teams, cheerleaders, studios, whomever. We also do custom screen print with our graphic designer, as well as custom rhinestone work. Sounds pricy? It's not! We are currently running a team discount contest and referal program- check out our blog!

I am ready for Spring!

Kris helped Jayden build this snowman in one of the last snowstorms. It lasted about 2 days until some high school brats decapitated it. Mater would scream "Frosty's" dead every time we left and came home. I am so done with winter.

Christmas & Cancun pics

Our beach front condo at the Royal Sands in Cancun. Kris' parents are generous enough to take us every year for our Christmas present!
The kids could play on the beach all day!

The kids spent all day playing the water and digging for shells. Jayden loved swimming in the ocean with her daddy! Dylan is becoming quite the fish, and swam laps around the pool this year!

This is from Christmas. (L to R) My nieces Ava and Grace, and little Jayd. My sister got them Viewmont Cheer bears for Christmas with poms- they were darling!

Even Santa found Hercules! Even though he is a little naughty...

The kids and Kris on Christmas Eve. Jayden was so excited she got "Hannah Tana" pj's!

Christmas Eve up at Nonnie and Pop's (a.k.a., Kris' parents). She was so excited and begged me to take her picture, and she got a little close to the camera.

Friday, February 27, 2009

A letter from the loser

I officially suck at blogging. I have been so busy since before Christmas, that I just downloaded pictures a few days ago. As some of you shake your head at me, remember that I do have drill competition season during the holidays, so it's not that I am just a total blog loser. Ok, maybe both. Hopefully I will get caught up this weekend, post a few from overdue Christmas, our trip to Cancun, and a few random in between. Nothing fancy, but at least I will feel like I did something with the 300 pictures I took!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dylan is 7!

The Birthday Boy's Cake! Thanks to my awesome mom for saving my butt and ordering it for me- he loved it! He had his party at Classic- he loved the Bounce House

We also did Laser Tag- it was HILARIOUS to see 6 and 7 year olds attempt to Laser Tag!

The Birthday Party Crew- Dylan has darling friends, but all of them were on a massive rush because the party was after school. I was exhausted after!

Dylan blowing out his "7" candle at the family party. Big Dot is in the background, and Gracie is watching.

Dyl getting his Bionicle from Bammy and Big Dot, while Mater watches. I know, we don't call anyone by a normal name in this family!

Dyl holding up his deposit slip from Nonnie and Pop.

I can't believe my cute little, well he isn't little anymore, boy is now 7! Love you Dude!

A sad excuse of a Christmas this year

Not even close to done shopping, and my house is a disaster (my mom with vouch for this). We are finishing our basement, and totally out of storage space. I am sure anyone who stops by thinks we are going on a major vacation because all of our luggage is upstairs, but there is nowhere else to put it! My laundry room is in the process of being put back together after one set of cabinets came crashing, yes I said crashing down. Luckily nothing major was broken, just left a fun mess to clean up. I am so looking forward to having a basement, and some space to store and have some organization in my crazy life! Would you believe that I only have 2 presents under the tree right now- how pathetic! They are for my nieces, not even for my own kids! Better get on that...the tree is up at least. Doesn't look great, but it is up, standing, and the majority of the lights are on that I can tell. Jayden, and my little niece Ava had a grand time dancing around it last week in fairy costumes!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Memory Loss - My late tag post

So, I was tagged forever ago, thanks to my sister-in-law Lisa. I had the best of a blogger's intentions to do it, but well, you know, I just didn't get quite around to it. So, catching up on the blogging, here it goes.

Answer the six "4" items on your blog
Post the rules on the blog
Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

4 things I did yesterday
*ran like hell through Target trying to figure out what the hell a Bakugan was, it was Dylan's birthday, and I was a little, well, unprepared to say the least.
*woke up looking like the Joker from the Dark Night, due to falling asleep in my makeup, and scared the hell out of my kids
*went to Costco, but I do that 5 out of 7 days a week, so that isn't anything unusual
*cleaned up pee from Hercules who got so excited when he saw my brother-in-law Jason, he peed on his leg and his shoe, then ran inside and peed on the floor.

4 things I look forward to
*vacations- I would go on vacation to Tooele right now, that's how much I need one!
*changing out of nice clothes and getting in my comfy sweats- ask Kris how much he LOVES this!

4 restaurants I like
*Ruth's Chris Steakhouse
*Paradise Bakery
*California Pizza Kitchen

4 things on my wish list
*a new car, the latest catastrophy has left me longing even more for a new vehicle, but I better just keep dreaming!
*an ipod that isn't full, apple is full of crap when they tell you the capacity!
*a size 2 butt- ha, really dream on!
*energy to get through the day

4 Favorite TV shows
*Grey's Anatomy
*So You Think You Can Dance
*Desperate Housewives
*Law & Order: SVU

4 People I tag
*Kim M. (since you think you are such a cool blogger!)
*Becky B.
*Meghan #2
*Brandi (you are overdue to post!)